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I am connecting to Hive via an ODBC driver from a .NET application. Is there a query to determine if a table already exists?

For example, in MSSQL you can query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA table and in Netezza you can query the _v_table table.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Have you done any research? – Kermit Jan 17 '14 at 19:56
Yes I have done research and come up with nothing. The only solution I can come up with is to attempt to select from the table and catch the exception. – Teh Jan 17 '14 at 21:15
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There are two approaches by which you can check that:

1.) As @dimamah suggested, just to add one point here, for this approach you need to

 1.1) start the **hiveserver** before running the query
 1.2) you have to run two queries
      1.2.1) USE <database_name>
      1.2.2) SHOW TABLES LIKE 'table_name'
      1.2.3) Then you check your result using Result set.

2.) Second approach is to use HiveMetastoreClient APIs, where you can directly use the APIs to check whether the table_name exist in a particular database or not.

For further help please go through this Hive 11

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Execute the following command : show tables in DB like 'TABLENAME'
If the table exists, its name will be returned, otherwise nothing will be returned.
This is done directly from hive. for more options see this.

DB is the database in which you want to see if the table exists.
TABLENAME is the table name you seek,

What actually happens is that Hive queries its metastore (depends on your configuration but it can be in a standard RDBMS like MySQL) so you can optionally connect directly to the same metastore and write your own query to see if the table exists.

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When programming on Hive by Spark SQL, you can use following method to check whether Hive table exists.

if (hiveContext.hql("SHOW TABLES LIKE '" + tableName + "'").collect().length == 1) {

println(tableName + " exists")

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Spark is depreciating hql... will this solution be guaranteed to work using a regular hive context with SQL? Is there a more general Spark method for looking at Hive meta-information, other than running a query? – Glenn Strycker Jun 8 '15 at 19:28
Also -- using Spark 1.3.0, I get the following error: " User class threw exception: [1.13] failure: ``in'' expected but identifier like found show tables like 'sample_table_name'; " I also get this error when I do include "in <schemaname>" before the table name – Glenn Strycker Jul 9 '15 at 21:53
Spark 1.5. Works with sparkContext too, not just Hive Context. table_exists = len(sqlCtx.sql("SHOW TABLES IN "+ stg_db).filter("tableName='%s'" % stg_tab).collect()) == 1 – Ruslan Mar 10 at 5:32

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