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Under django v. 1.4.

The problem:

Since my template is rendered by this view which will be totally stored in cache:

def index(request):
    foo_form = FooForm()
    context = RequestContext(request, {
        'foo_form': foo_form
    # An entire page is rendered
    return render_to_response('index.html', context_instance=context)

In my template I have an if statement which checks whether user is authenticate:

    {%  if user.is_authenticated %}
        <a href="{% url 'home' %}" class="login">Enter</a>
    {% else %}
        <a href="" class="login" data-target="#login_modal" data-tggle="modal">Enter</a>
    {% endif %}


There is a modal that's activated by a button "Enter" which should be displayed when there's no user logged, otherwise the user is redirected to the system when the "Enter" button is clicked.

The question: Is there a way to ignore only that piece of code from my template to be not cached? If so, how?

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You should use Template fragment caching: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.6/topics/cache/#template-fragment-caching

{% load cache %}
{% cache 500 sidebar request.user.username %}
    .. sidebar for logged in user ..
{% endcache %}
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Hello there buddy! How would I apply that in my code? I tested this Template fragment caching in my code, but I don't know if it was totally correct. And as the Django docs describes templ fragment caching, it is the same as storing in cache using the decorator as I did in my view. So, there should exist some way to avoid caching in certain areas of your code, but that's more like a secrete which no one wants to share. –  Nice Guy Jan 18 at 18:50

Use ajax to display the user authentication template, so caching wont affect your template.


`{%  if user.is_authenticated %}`
   ` <a href="{% url 'home' %}" class="login">Enter</a>`
`{% else %}`
    `<a href="" class="login" data-target="#login_modal" data-tggle="modal">Enter</a>`

{% endif %}


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