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I created a pop up box.When I single click on a marker on google map. The popup shows with a cancel button.Clicking on cancel button just hide this popup box.My problem is when I double clicked on this marker the popup boxes are generating and overlap one by one.So Cancel is not working. How to avoid this ?

Sample Code:

makeInfoWindowEvent(map, marker); 

function makeInfoWindowEvent(map, marker) {
    google.maps.event.addListener(marker, 'click', function() {

        var markerPopup = document.createElement("div");
        markerPopup.id = 'markerPopup';
        markerPopup.className = 'markerPopup';
        markerPopup.innerHTML = "This is a test message";

        var cancel = document.createElement("div");
        cancel.id = 'cancel';
        cancel.className = 'cancel';

        cancel.onclick= function () {
            var divbg = document.getElementById('markerPopup'); 
            divbg.style.visibility = "hidden";           

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Do you only want to have one marker on the map at a time? –  Bic Jan 17 at 22:00

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The events won't fire at the same time, so you can check for the presence of a markerPopup and return early if it is already there.

if (document.getElementById("markerPopup")) {
    // they must have double clicked, so do nothing

If you need more than one popup on the map at a time, then you will need to assign unique ids to each one that get created. You could then attach those ids as a property on the button, which would give a way to know which one to kill.

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