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I am developing a Mailing List system in my Rails 4 application. I want to send an email before allowing someone to add, modify or delete their entry from the database. If they add or edit/delete they will be required to enter a valid email address on the screen. When one has been entered and they click the corresponding button an email will be sent to the person.

I plan to update a token field on the mailing list record when it is created. I have an idea how to build the link for the edit/delete email including the token somehow. This is something I am doing in another application for when someone wants to change their password. However this is the first time I am attempting to do a confirmation before adding a row to a database.

I want the email to include a link to the new view and pass the email address that the person entered. When the person clicks on the link would like to display the new view with the email field populated from the link.

I know how a link is formulated when it is using input from the screen. Here is an example.✓&field1=val1&field2=val2=&submit_search=Search

Is there a way for me to build the link where I can pass variables in Rails where it will populate a view? When I try something like the following the new view is displayed but the value is not passed to the view.✓&

I have been searching online for a situation like mine where no update to the database has been done when attempting to add a row to a database. For now I will just send a link to the new view and make the person re-enter their email address along with the other required data before adding the row.

Any help would be appreciated. I will keep searching.

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Any luck with this? – zeantsoi Jan 20 '14 at 17:59
I tried your suggestion below but could not get it working. I decided to rewrite the Mailing List logic where I add a record and set a boolean to make it a valid registration. – LightBe Corp Jan 20 '14 at 21:31

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