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CAKEPHP question

I am querying my HABTM table successfully and returning the id of every student with the given group_id. This is my code for this.

$students = $this->GroupsStudents->find('list', array('conditions' => array('group_id' => $id)));

It works, no problem. I need to somehow use this info (namely the student's id), which is stored in $students, to query my students table and extract student's names based on their id.

If someone could give me some insight on this, that would be greatly appreciated.

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if i'm understanding you right. as you can see from this if you have the id you can easily get the students name even though i'm not sure why you would do this and not just foreach the name. foreach ($students as $id => $name) { echo $students[$id]; // produces name }

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In Student model define relation with GroupStudent model as shown below:

var $hasMany = array(
'GroupStudent' => array(
    'className'     => 'GroupStudent',
    'foreignKey'    => 'student_id'

Then your write your query as

 $students = $this->Student->find('all',
                   'conditions' => array('GroupStudent.group_id' => $id)

Note: Make sure your controller has $uses=>array('Student','GroupStudent'); defined! and your are using plural names for model GroupStudents so correct them if possible

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Just to clarify, groups_students is a relational database I have and isn't actually a model on its own. – john smith Jan 18 '14 at 16:27

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