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I'm having issues with CakePHP's AuthComponent.

Here is the complete scenario.

  • The app runs on Nginx, CakePHP 2.3 and MySQL.
  • The nginx server has a 301 redirect which redirects users from domain.com to www.domain.com.

The user login works well when the host is domain.com and does not work when the host is www.domain.com. After a bit of googling I found out that this was a security feature from CakePHP. Turns out that it forces the

 session.referer_check to true 

There are a few solutions on stackoverflow and other sites too, but using old CakePHP versions and it does not work with my cake app.

This issue has taken a day already!

Please share your experiences?


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If you have redirection setup from domain.com to www.domain.com in the webserver that redirection would happen even before the request reaches php. So how is a user able to login with host domain.com, he should be already redirect to www.domain.com –  ADmad Jan 18 at 12:18
@ADmad if I remove the 301 redirection it works. But if I redirect to www.domain.com then the logins don't work. –  Mir Jan 19 at 23:50

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what are you using to store your sessions in? I suggest letting cake handle them by changing to 'cake' from 'php' in the core.php

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I am using php Configure::write('Session', array( 'defaults' => 'php', 'cookie' => 'my_app', 'timeout' => 4320 //3 days )); –  Mir Jan 17 at 23:02
yes and your GC from PHP could be causing the issue thus my recommendation of changing to cake instead of php for sessions. –  Chris Pierce Apr 22 at 0:26

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