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I'm trying to implement gwt deferred binding because IE doesn't render an animation properly. I have a Class for IE (CardExp) an one for Chrome, firefox, etc... (Card) both extends a common parent (CardGeneral)

in my gwt.xml i have this:

<replace-with class="myapp.client.CardAll">
    <when-type-is class="myapp.client.Card"/>

  <!-- IE  -->
  <replace-with class="myapp.client.CardExp">
    <when-type-is class="myapp.client.Card"/>
    <when-property-is name="user.agent" value="ie8" />
    <when-property-is name="user.agent" value="ie9" />
    <when-property-is name="user.agent" value="ie10" />
    <when-property-is name="user.agent" value="ie11" />

And in my EntryPoint i have

final Card card = GWT.create(Card.class);

In IE my app loads CardAll insted of CardExp. What am i missing to load CardExp in all versions of IE

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I believe that you should be able to use wild cards in the value field. So <when-property-is name="user.agent" value="ie*" /> – Jonathan Jan 18 '14 at 0:32
@Jonathan it would be awesome but not possible [ERROR] Invalid property value 'ie*' thanks – Pablo Jan 18 '14 at 16:20
I'll have to try out an entry point example when I have time. From the 2.5.1 UserAgent.gwt.xml, you are missing ie9. Also of note is that ie6 support is being removed in 2.6, as seen here. – Jonathan Jan 18 '14 at 17:09
Also, there is an unofficial IRC channel where some people tend to hang out. ##gwt on People tend to check it sporadically, so it is best to simply leave a question and wait for someone to reply. It has proven a great resource for me ;) – Jonathan Jan 18 '14 at 17:13

The code snippet you have above looks right, but if you are using version 2.5.1, it looks like you are missing ie9.

The GWT docs on gwt.xml files has a sample which is very similar to yours. Look for the "Elements for Deferred Binding" section here.

Also take a look at the 2.5.1 tag of UserAgent.gwt.xml.

Also of note is that ie6 support is being removed in version 2.6.0, as seen here.

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thanks, ie6 removed, ie9 added and also ie11. I'm testing in ie 11, but it seems that GWT doesn't support ie11, any workaround? – Pablo Jan 20 '14 at 22:33
To be honest, I haven't been following the progress of IE 11 support. As I understand, integration with ie11 is still a work in progress. MS listed some IE 11 compatibility issues on MSDN, the first of which is the user string. The GWT team made a (request for testers to report any issues with IE11)[]. That said, my best bet would be to browse the issue forums for possible answers. – Jonathan Jan 21 '14 at 16:19

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