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I am having a problem with trying to give IE a page telling the person IE is not compatible. I'm testing the webpage on IE11 that is included in Windows 8.1. I'm not that familiar with JS. I have this code and along with it it are 2 <div>'s that are specified from the ids in the document.getElementById tags. I'm trying to have this work on IE 9-11 since I can just do <!-- [if lt IE 8]><![endif]--> or whatever number from IE Version 4. EDIT": There is also a problem with Google Chrome Being Completely White, while IE gives the full page.

These are my divs:

<div style="display:none;" id="IE9-11">
.Background {
<div class="">
   IE Content

<div id="ChromeFirefox">
  Chrome/Mozilla Firefox Content

Heres is My JS:

 (function () {
   var trident = {
     string: navigator.userAgent.match(/Trident\/(\d+)/)

   trident.version = trident.string ? parseInt(trident.string[1], 10) : null;

   if (!trident.string || trident.version < 6) {

Is There a particular reason this isn't working?

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