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i know that emulator can create a sdcard.img as a device for emulator use.

but now, i want to use a real SD card in android emulator. Is it possible that i build android emulator in windows environment or this request need to implement in Linux environment?

any idea is welcome. thanks.

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OK, finally I got the answer by myself...

first thing we occured in this issue is got below warning when execute emulator.

WARNING: SD Card files must be at least 9MB, ignoring /dev/sdX

after traced the source code in main.c,

   if (size < 9*1024*1024ULL) {
           fprintf(stderr, "### WARNING: SD Card files must be at least 9MB, ignoring '%s'\n", opts->sdcard);
        } else {
            hw->hw_sdCard_path = ASTRDUP(opts->sdcard);

I ignored the if condition, i.e. force execute hw->hw_sdCard_path = ASTRDUP(opts->sdcard);

then, everything go right:)

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