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I know you can use wday to return the day of the week as an integer value:

 Date.new(2001,2,3).wday           #=> 6 (a.k.a. "Saturday")

But, is there a method to do this the opposite way, in reverse?


 day_of_week(6)                        #=> "Saturday"

Or is this something I would convert on my own?


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The Date::DAYNAMES array has that information:

# => "Saturday"
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I would use a proc or lambda because I wouldn't want to type this Date::DAYNAMES[d] repeatedly.

day = Proc.new { |d| Date::DAYNAMES[d] }
# => "Saturday"

Or even more succinct as a lambda:

day = ->num { Date::DAYNAMES[num] }
# => "Saturday"

Just remember to: require 'Date'

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