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Does anyone know what this error means? I get it when I try to page past page 80 if I have more than 161 pages in a DataGrid.

System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot Change currency when an item has validation errors or its being edited and AutoCommit is false

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2 Answers

Examine the data it's being bound to and see what looks wrong with the numbers on the rows between (80 * Rows per Page) and (81 * Rows per Page)

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There is nothing wrong with the Data its all basically the same thing just incremented by numbers (ex data1, data2, data3... data2000) I just realized it happens when I try to go more than half way through the data (ex if I have 50 items 10per page and I try to go past page 3 then it throws that error –  Brett Jan 22 '10 at 21:24
So actually yes there was something wrong at page 80... It started repeating the first rows again... So arguably, my answer did kinda point you in the right direction. –  tsilb Jan 22 '10 at 21:53
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I figured it out. Its because I was adding my list of data to itself so it had a bunch of duplicate data and it didnt like that.

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