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I am still not terribly good at creating my own methods in Ruby/Rails. I am simply looking to insert data into my "username" field using an after_save callback.

I want to create the username from the email that gets input at registration. Here is what I am trying to do:

after_save :create_username
def create_username
    self.username = self.email.split('@').first

I want the username to be everything before the @ sign in the email field that the user submits during registration.

I know the RegEx of: ^[^-]* will work too, but I am not sure how I'd incorporate a RegEx into a function.

I think using after_save would be the proper callback, but please recommend something else if I am wrong.

How can I accomplish this?


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You can accomplish this using a regex

email = "someguy@example.com"
@username = email.gsub(/@.*/,'')
# => "someguy"

As far as your implementation goes. I would not build out a product in a way where your users' username is their email because people value their privacy. You also don't need a after_save callback. That doesn't make sense here.

You can just get the email from your db and run the above code on it which will allow you to call @username from your views.

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Valid point about their privacy, might change it to first initial, last name. It is really just a placeholder for a profile URL. Also good to know about the after_save callback. Thanks. –  user2384124 Jan 19 at 17:18

This is what I use when I handled usernames the same way.

after_save :create_username


def create_username
  username = email[/(.*)@.*/, 1]

The self object can be omitted as ruby assumes you meant to call a method on self if no object is referenced.

Another option is:


Lots of choices :)

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