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I am integrating google maps sdk. Its all work fine. But how to remove particular Marker(Pin Point) when second will appear.(I am not using Mapkit)

I want the following:

If i tap on map then one marker pin is generate at that location now if i tap on another location on map then two pins are displayed but i want to remove the old marker pin.

I also use,

[self.mapView clear];

But it was clear all other marker points from GMSMapview.

Following is the code to add pin on Map:

            GMSMapView *mapView;
            GMSMarker *currLocMarker = [[GMSMarker alloc] init];
            currLocMarker.map  = nil;
            [currLocMarker setTitle:NSLocalizedString(@"current_location_title", nil)];
            currLocMarker.icon = [UIImage imageNamed:@"pin_fetch_location.png"];
            currLocMarker.position = CLLocationCoordinate2DMake(pCoordinate.latitude, pCoordinate.longitude);
            currLocMarker.map = self.mapView;

Please help me to solve out this stuff..!!

Thanks in advance..:)

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Please add your code snippet how you add Marker on map,than it will possible to understand. –  Harin Jan 18 at 6:58
I also use that but its can't work.. –  jigs Jan 18 at 7:08
@jigs did you find out the way? i also want to move my particular marker. how can i do this? –  Jaimin Modi Mar 26 at 4:53

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Yes, I got that solution. Add pin like the following:

- (void)mapView:(GMSMapView *)mapView didTapAtCoordinate:(CLLocationCoordinate2D)coordinates {

pCoordinate.latitude =coordinates.latitude;
pCoordinate.longitude =coordinates.longitude;

[[GMSGeocoder geocoder] reverseGeocodeCoordinate:CLLocationCoordinate2DMake(coordinates.latitude, coordinates.longitude) completionHandler:^(GMSReverseGeocodeResponse *resp, NSError *error)
     [currLocMarker setTitle:NSLocalizedString(@"current_location_title", nil)];
     currLocMarker.icon = [UIImage imageNamed:@"pin.png"];
     currLocMarker.position = CLLocationCoordinate2DMake(coordinates.latitude,       coordinates.longitude);
     currLocMarker.map = self.mapView;} ] ;}

Please remove the following line if you used in the above:

GMSMarker *currLocMarker = [[GMSMarker alloc] init];
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Check This one and try it in your code

Remove a marker in Google Maps sdk

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loop all marker in the map , and you can use title or snippet to decide which marker you remove

as map.markers is no longer to use in google map ios sdk , you need to have a nsmutablearray to store all marker for looping purpose

and you can make use of userData of the marker , marker.userData , which i prefer to store a nsdictionary information in the marker in order to prevent from duplicate name of title .


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