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I read this article about actions composition in Play for Scala but there is nothing valuable in it for me. What I want to do is a real actions composition, something like this:

def about = Action { ... }

def changePassword = isAuthenticated { x => isActivated { .... } }

def request = isAuthenticated { x => isActivated { y => hasEnoughFunds { ... } } }

Where isAuthenticated, isActivated and hasEnoughFunds are traits (but not necessarily the trais) I create myself. The idea is concatenating pretty much any custom "actions" with each other, preferably with arbitrary order.

How can I do this?

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Try this: for each check (isAuthenticated, isActivated and hasEnoughFunds), create a trait that you mix in your controller (AuthenticationCheck, ActivationCheck and FundsCheck).

For each trait, define a default behaviour, this is basically a method that takes in a RequestHeader and returns a result, for example, in the case of ActivationCheck, something like this:

def onNotActivated(request: RequestHeader): Result = 
    Results.BadRequest("Not activated")

Then the "main" method that you want to concatenate, basically this method will take two arguments, the first (x) in your code above and a function that you want to apply if the check passes, the main method will look something like this:

def isActivated(x: XX)(f: => XX => Result)(implicit request: Request[AnyContent]): Result = 
    if(checkIfActivated(x)) f(x) else onNotActivated

So, basically, every method you want to concatenate should return a Result except the first one (here isAuthenticated) that would return an Action. You can also make them all return a Result and then wrap the whole concatenation in an Action.

Then your concatenation would look something like this:

def request = Action { implicit request =>
  isAuthenticated { x =>
    isActivated(x) { y =>
        hasEnoughFunds(y) { z => 

Hope this helps.

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well, what if add more custom actions or would like to mix them in other order or so? – アレックス Jan 18 '14 at 12:41
I updated my answer, you can also make them all return a Result and wrap the whole thing in an Action. But you can't really shuffle them in any order you want unless you create a super class of all your x, y and z but then again you have to check their types. – Peter Jan 18 '14 at 12:49

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