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I am using dompdf to convert a html page using dompdf, but it is showing arabic text in reverse order

For eg if text is


then it is displaying as

مرلايسنبيا in PDF

Any idea why?

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Can you provide a screen shot? Just to confirm one aspect. –  Sneetsher Jan 19 at 2:08

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dompdf does not currently support directionality, so RTL languages will not display correctly in regard to character flow. There is a hack for displaying characters in the correct order, though it does require modification of the dompdf code.

If you would like to try the modification two steps are required. First, style any text that should display RTL with direction: rtl; text-align: right;. Then, in the file dompdf/include/text_renderer.cls.php add the following lines before each instance of $canvas->text() (or any variant, such as $this->_canvas->text()):

if (strtolower($style->direction) == 'rtl') {
  preg_match_all('/./us', $text, $ar);
  $text = join('',array_reverse($ar[0]));

(You may have to change the name of the $text variable to match what's used in the code.)


Additionally we've seen an issues where characters don't join together as expected when rendering words. This is an issue we haven't had a chance to explore yet.


Your best option right now for full support of directionality is to use a headless browser, e.g. PhantomJS.

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Thanks it works, but after adding small modification, just added a check for non ascii characters if(!mb_detect_encoding($text, array("ASCII"))) –  Manish Goyal Jan 19 at 18:14
That makes sense. I'll have to update my code snippet. –  BrianS Jan 20 at 1:06

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