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Could someone explain, how the following code printed the Vector elements (in which order they were printed)?


import java.util.HashSet;
import java.util.Vector;
class Test
    public static void main(String [] args) throws Exception
        Vector data = new Vector();
    public static Vector getData(Vector v)
        return new Vector(new HashSet(v));


[banana, cherry, papaya, apple, mango]
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There is no ordering in a HashSet –  Brian Roach Jan 18 at 8:02
But, everytime how I am getting the same output(in same order)? –  Srikanth N Jan 18 at 8:06
Hashset doesn;t have any restriction to push elemets in a particular order but it might be using a common algo to pull information out. So you may get it in same order everytime. –  Vivek Vermani Jan 18 at 8:08
Any given set of elements will probably end up in the same order given the same sequence of operations. There is no predictable ordering. –  Brian Roach Jan 18 at 8:09
I want to know, how "banana" got printed first, & then "cherry", "papaya" ..etc..? Why elements are printed in reverse order until "papaya"? As there is 'no predictable ordering' maintained, then assuming we should get different o/p at different times. But its not, so pls explain, how it is working? –  Srikanth N Jan 18 at 8:17

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  1. Hashset doesn't store elements in a user specified Order. As soon as you created the Hashset using Vector, Elements lost the specified order.

  2. Moreover they don't allow duplicates, so the second apple got lost.

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If elements lost the specified order, why I am getting the following same o/p (in same order), every time I ran? O/P: [banana, cherry, papaya, apple, mango]. It should be printed in different order, when ran in different machines. But same o/p is getting shown. Also, can we tell the output for the above program, w/o running, i.e., manually (as there is no specific order for o/p)? –  Srikanth N Jan 18 at 9:31

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