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I am trying to wrap my head around bundling an app as a node module using browserify and I have come across the following scenario:

  $ = require('jquery')(window),
  _ = require('underscore'),
  // _ = require('lodash/dist/lodash.underscore'),
  Backbone = require('backbone');

Backbone.$ = $;

var TodoView = new Backbone.View.extend({
  tagName: 'li',
  tpl: _.template('An example template'),

  events: {/* dom events */},

  render: function() {
    return this;

var todoView = new TodoView();

console.log(todoView.el); // => TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'apply'

I can't seem to get a reference for the underscore function. I will definitely be needing it to manipulate data. Templating is just an example use case here as there are other scalable options.

On the same note, I have also tried to reference lodash.underscore to no success and it gives same error.

I have hunch I am missing something here. Any help?

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The problem isn't with underscore or lodash. First, you put a new operator before Backbone.View.extend call which is a wrong way to define a subclass. Second, you don't have to do require('jquery')(window) but rather just require('jquery'). –  andreypopp Jan 18 '14 at 15:00
Also you can do browserify --debug and see the lines where the code throws an exception — that way it's much easier to debug such errors. –  andreypopp Jan 18 '14 at 15:01
thanks @andreypopp fixed it! –  gabeno Jan 18 '14 at 15:07

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