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How to use constant tag value as key of hash in perl ?

The output of below code is "CONST_TAG". I want the output to be "MyKey".


use constant CONST_TAG => 'MyKey';

my $rec = {};
$rec->{CONST_TAG} = "testName";
printf "%s\n", keys(%{$rec});
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$rec->{CONST_TAG()} = "testName";

This is because barewords (such as CONST_TAG) in hash accesses are converted to strings. Thus, CONST_TAG becomes the string 'CONST_TAG'.

The statement

use constant NAME => VALUE;

creates a subroutine with an empty prototype:

sub NAME () { VALUE }

By explicitly calling it, you avoid the automatic quoting of barewords inside hash accesses.

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You could improve the quality of your answer by adding some explanation. –  simbabque Jan 18 at 10:31

Besides calling the sub (a constant is just a sub after all) explicitly by putting the parenthesis on it like user49740 said in his answer, you can also add a + sign in front of the bareword. That will turn off the automatic quoting of barewords inside hash access curlies.

$res->{+CONST_TAG} = "testName";

See these answers also.

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