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I'm developing an small app using Sinatra. So far so good but I'm having a really small problem and I don't understand why this is happening.

I have a class Note with a custom to_json:

class Note < ActiveRecord::Base

   def to_json(options={})
    {   'id' => self.id,
        'name' => self.name,
        'body' => self.body,

If I call:


It returns:

=> "{\"id\":1,\"name\":\"this is the name\",\"body\":\"this is the body\"}"

If I add the object inside an array and call to_json of that array

array = Array.new
array.push Note.first

It returns:

=> "[{\"id\":1,\"name\":\"this is the name\",\"body\":\"this is the body\",\"updated_at\":\"2014-01-17T22:00:45-03:00\",\"created_at\":\"2013-04-17T21:21:20-03:00\"}]"

So the to_json from the class Note is not getting called because I still get the updated_at and the created_at

What am I doing wrong? (btw, I'm using the json gem)


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Rename your to_json method to as_json, remove .to_json on a hash and it should work.

def as_json(options={})
   'id' => self.id,
   'name' => self.name,
   'body' => self.body,
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You can serialize the record before adding it to the array:

array = []
array << Note.first.to_json
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that still returning what I have in my question :( –  Andres Jan 18 at 12:26
@Andres sorry I had a typo. Try now :) –  Agis Jan 18 at 12:28

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