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I have a problem trying to add a favicon and stylesheet to my personal website i'm trying to build. This is what i have at the moment:

<!DOCTYPE html
      PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"
<html lang="en-US">
<title>Super Chilun's Portfolio</title>
<link rel="icon"
<link rel="stylesheet" href="mystyle.css">
Hello World!

The favicon part loads fine, but I cannot load the external mystyle.css file (just a few lines for now)

hr {color:sienna;}
p {margin-left:20px;}
body {background-image:url("mybackground.png");}

Any help is appreciated.

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The path to your stylesheet is correct? –  blissini Jan 18 at 12:37
check the path of the stylehseet, it is showing up in browser source, so must be file path error –  sanjeev Jan 18 at 12:38
Hi, thanks for the responses - the stylesheet is in the same location of my html file - index.html... –  user1283674 Jan 18 at 19:41

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For html external style-sheets...if not, html5, type="text/css" is an important attribute to identify the content type.

try adding it and it should work, if not, check the path to the css file...

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="src/style.css">
<!--__^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^__this part-->
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To clarify, if the doctype of the page is not HTML5 (i.e. "<!doctype html>") then you should add the type attribute (in addition to the rel) as described above. –  pwdst Jan 18 at 14:04
Hi; I've tried specifying the link type as you suggested, but the outcome is still the same. The css file is in the same location as my index.html file –  user1283674 Jan 18 at 19:47
@user1283674 : hi...go to the source code of your page Ctrl + U in mozilla and click on the stylesheet link that you have given....can you tell me if it opens from there??? –  NoobEditor Jan 19 at 6:17

Replaced the background image file - now working fine

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