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I'm pretty new to angular and been wanting to test drive and I've hit a snag mocking out $window. The item in which I'm attempting to test is very simple but important -- I need to know if localStorage is there or not and need to be able to fake out $window to do so.

The code is very basic so far and what I have is this for the service ...

'use strict';

mainApp.factory('somedataStorage',function($window) {
    var local = $window.localStorage;

    return {
        hasLocal: function() {
            return local != undefined;

How I'm testing it is this ...

    (function () {

    var fakeWin = {
        localStorage: null

    var $injector = angular.injector(['ngMock', 'ng', 'mainApp']);
    //var $window = $injector.get('$window');

    var init = {
        setup: function () {
            //this.$window = fakeWin;

    module('LocalStorageTests', init);

    test("if localstorage isn't there, say so", function () {
        var $service = $injector.get('somedataStorage' /*, {$window: fakeWin} */);

        ok(!$service.hasLocal, "no local storage");

So what am I missing?

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