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i am making a bookmarklet in the bookmarklet i am adding a iframe to the page's body.

i need to find the current mouse position to position the iframe accordingly.

The issue is. i cannot bind on click for the bookmarklet because by the time the script within the href="javascript:" runs the click was already done. so i cannot get the event there.

i thought of binding mousemove, but that's a ugly workaround.

so is there a way to get mouse's current x/y ? without an event firing ?


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How about mouseup? –  Roko C. Buljan Jan 18 at 14:08
Check the accepted answer on this question. Is that helping you out? –  Roy Schoep Jan 18 at 14:08
Can't you put the code of getting the position in your href="javascript:" function? –  Roy Schoep Jan 18 at 14:10
No there's no way to get mouse position without triggering one of the MouseEvent. –  Givi Jan 18 at 14:15
Even if there were a way to get mouse cursor position without an event firing (almost positive there isn't), the cursor will be outside of the viewport anyway when the user clicks a bookmarklet, and events that report mouse position don't fire when the cursor is outside of the viewport. IOW mouse positions outside of the viewport are never reported, so even without events, you're pretty much out of luck. –  Dagg Nabbit Jan 18 at 18:42
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Javascript is a language to add client side functionality on user interaction. Therefore, a javascript code snippet is always run as response to an event.

I would suggest using the onmousemove event. The event would be raised each time the cursor mouse would change. Therefore, you will know the mouse position at all times.

Hope I helped!

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yea, will have to use it with a combination of global / timers etc.s wont be clean –  Neta Meta Jan 18 at 19:27
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Have you tried something like setTimeOut()? As far as I can tell you, there is no way to see the mouse position without using an Event object to do that.

Please, take a look at this thread:

Javascript - Track mouse position

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