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I've got interviews coming up for an internship this summer, and I'd like to review common algorithms and data structures so that I won't be caught off guard by any of the technical questions.

Can anyone recommend a good resource, online or otherwise, for a refresher on common things like shuffling an array, tree traversal, linked lists, etc?

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Robert Sedgewick's "Algorithms in $language" are a nice source.

And of course, Cormen et. al.'s "Introduction to Algorithms" for a more abstract view

Oh, and of course, can't forget Knuth's "The Art of Computer Programming", the definitive compendium...

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This book has a decent review for the basics along with code samples: Programming Interviews Exposed. MIT has an open courseware algorithms class with video lectures here. That goes into way more depth, but you can skip around and pick one what you want. I'm sure just searching google for "algorithms site:.edu" will bring up lots of useful results too.

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