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I'm doing a little app that I want to distribute in different platforms, at least the 3 major ones.

Is it possible to use only Windows has the host OS to compile the binaries for Linux, Mac OS X and other supported platforms without resorting to virtual machines?

Or should I ask around in some community to help me compile on, well OS X, actually, since I can virtualize a Linux machine quite easy?

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It is possible to compile from one plateform to another, it is called cross-compilation. You will find extensive informations at
The buildfaq above contains sample cross-compilation :

  • from Windows to Linux,
  • from FreeBSD to AMD64 Linux

The FPC download page contains :

  • the i386-win32 to x86_64-win64 cross-compiler
  • the i386-win32 to arm-wince cross-compiler

The FPC mailing lists are at
You will find more informations about FPC at

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(I'm the author of the buildfaq document above)

There are some limitations. You can't target x86 from powerpc, because powerpc misses an "extended" type. But in generally it works.

I have generated a complete Lazarus for OS X on Windows.

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Thanks MarcoV, I appreciate that. I'm not going to support powerpc, I think it's a bit outdated even if there are quite alot of them still around... –  Gustavo Carreno Apr 9 '09 at 11:18

I would virtualize Linux, as even if you can cross-compile, it means you're not testing the binaries on their native platforms. OS X is a trickier problem.

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It is not possible to compile from one platform to another. We have a Mac and use FPC quite often. If you need some help with compiling on a mac, drop me a message.

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I sure wish I could drop you a message, but looks like you really don't answer on –  Gustavo Carreno Apr 22 '09 at 15:05
Sorry, I forgot to reply. I e-mailed you. –  birger Apr 23 '09 at 5:42
This is incorrect, I crosscompiled an entire Lazarus from win32 to Mac and back. Some combinations are not easy, let alone end-user ready, but it can be done mostly, except from (non-x86)->x86 due to extended use for REAL constants in the x86 codegenerator. Note that includes windows/x86_64 (aka Windows x64, 64-bit etc), since extended was marked deprecated in Windows/x86_64 apis. –  Marco van de Voort Nov 5 '09 at 22:51

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