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I'm trying to create a small program that regularly downloads a ZIP archive (a GTFS feed), extracts the files and loads the data into a database. The files should be stored in Isolated Storage.

However, I cannot find a way to extract the ZIP archive. There are multiple built-in classes that handle decompression, but they either take directory/file names as arguments or cannot handle multiple files/directories.

What am I missing? How do we extract a ZIP file in Isolated Storage into a directory there (without using third party libraries)?

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Open the zip archive and enumerate all the entries. Open each entry which gives you a stream then copy the content of that entry to an isolated storage stream:

using (ZipArchive archive = ZipFile.OpenRead(zipPath))
    foreach (ZipArchiveEntry entry in archive.Entries)
        using (Stream zipStream = entry.Open())
        using (IsolatedStorageFileStream isoStream = new IsolatedStorageFileStream(entry.Name, FileMode.CreateNew, isoStore))
            // copy from zipStream to isoStream
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ZipFile.OpenRead takes a path as argument so it wouldn't do but I found that ZipArchive can be created from a Stream too so it could work this way. –  Márton Molnár Jan 23 '14 at 10:20

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