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i'm trying to make work wxWidgets on OS X 10.8 with XCode 4. So far i've managed to build the library in static mode.

I'm currently trying to add the library to a basic "hello world" sample project. For that, i follow a tutorial that explain step by step the process.

I'm stuck though on a simple error : can't find "wx/setup.h"

i've check the derivedData folder where is the .a library and there is no setup.h

I had one setup.h created when i compiled wxWidgets using the Terminal (but i had other errors this way after, so i had to switch to XCode wxWidgets generation.)

where is the generated setup.h when building wxWidgets from XCode ? and how do i tell the compiler to use it?

thanks a lot


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I've never compiled wxWidgets under OS X using Xcode so I can't help you with finding the file (however I do wonder if you tried find . -name setup.h or using Spotlight?), but I can guarantee that the library compiled from the command line is compatible with the applications built using Xcode, provided you use the same compiler and runtime library for both. So if you already have a version built from the Terminal, you really should be able to just use it.

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