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I've been trying to draw some OpenGL graphics on a live card, but keep getting the following error message.

enter image description here

According to, high-frequency live card "renders many times a second and can show rich 3D or 2D content." I'm able to render 2D Canvas content on both high-frequency live card and immersion, and OpenGL on immersion. In immersion, two lines of code inside an Activity's onCreate can start rendering OpenGL:

view3D = new MyGLView(this);

In live card, I tried:

mCallback3D = new MyGLView(this);
mLiveCard = mTimelineManager.createLiveCard(LIVE_CARD_ID);

Is it possible to render OpenGL on a live card at all? Basically, how to render OpenGL without using Activity?

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See this question: – Jay Carlton Jan 30 '14 at 4:02

XE16 includes a GlRenderer class for using OpenGL ES on Live cards. The sample code is here:

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