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First of all, I have tried this post (among others): Currency formatting in Python. It has no affect on my variable. My best guess is that it is because I am using Python 3 and that was code for Python 2. (Unless I overlooked something, because I am new to Python).

I want to convert a float, such as 1234.5, to a String, such as "$1,234.50". How would I go about doing this?

And just in case, here is my code which compiled, but did not affect my variable:

money = float(1234.5)
locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, '')
locale.currency(money, grouping=True)

Also unsuccessful:

money = float(1234.5)
print(money) #output is 1234.5
print(money) #output is 1234.5
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The latter option works in both Python 2.7 and 3.3. –  Justin Barber Jan 18 at 19:04
does not appear to work, as discussed in your answer –  Evorlor Jan 18 at 19:05
Something else is going on with your code. Can you post more of the context? –  Justin Barber Jan 18 at 19:07
k i posted updated version. any ideas? –  Evorlor Jan 18 at 19:09
Ah, you need to assign money (or a new variable) to '${:,.2f}'.format(money). For example, try money = '${:,.2f}'.format(money), and then print out money. –  Justin Barber Jan 18 at 19:10

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In Python 3.x and 2.7, you can simply do this:

>>> '${:,.2f}'.format(1234.5)

The :, adds a comma as a thousands separator, and the .2f limits the string to two decimal places (or adds enough zeroes to get to 2 decimal places, as the case may be) at the end.

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'${:,.2f}'.format(money) after money = float(1234.5) has no affect. Did I make a mistake? –  Evorlor Jan 18 at 19:01
@Evorlor Yes, that works for me in both Python 3.3 and 2.7. Did you assign money to a variable that you need to print out? –  Justin Barber Jan 18 at 19:03
yes i did and have confirmed that by printing money before and after –  Evorlor Jan 18 at 19:04
@Evorlor can you post the rest of the context of your code? This does really work. See the docs here for more explanation. –  Justin Barber Jan 18 at 19:05
sure ill update up top –  Evorlor Jan 18 at 19:07

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