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My app is trying to post messages about a person's friend.

    $returnObject = $facebook->api(
            'link' => 'http://www.collabra.cc/i-appreciate-you/',
            'message' => 'I appreciate [Friend Name] for $appreciation'

How do I get it so that when it is posted, the friend's name is shown in Blue highlight and the friend is notified?


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The Facebook Graph or FQL API don't allow developers to do this.

However, that can be done using the Open Graph API. But, Open Graph is not only about code, it is also a lot of configuration. Please read the following:

Mentionning Friends

In contrast to action tagging of friends, mention tagging lets people tag up to ten friends in a message included along with the Open Graph story. Mentioned friends are notified and if they have tag review enabled they'll be given the option to approve or reject the story from their own timeline. The tag will link to that friend's timeline.

The first step is to enable both tags and messages capabilities for your action type. This requires an additional approval process before it can be used by anyone who's not a developer or tester of your app.

Once you've enabled that, you simply add a message parameter to your action publishing call, where message is a string of text created by the person using your app. This message cannot be prefilled and any apps that do so will not be approved. Within this message, you can mention friends by using the following syntax:

@[userID or userName]

For example:

POST /me/cookbook:eat?
  message=You should really try this recipe @[123457] and @[https://www.facebook.com/123458]&
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