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I can't find anything but basic examples of ko.observablearrays that show arrays of simple strings. I have an observable array that holds a largish JSON object with a lot of properties. I need to get the one of the objects in the array based off on the id property in the array. I have this code to get the Id:

self.selectedOrgId.subscribe(function (currentOrgId) {
}, self);

my observable array is populated via an ajax get request and looks something like this:

"company ltd",

How can I look into my array and get the object with the orgId that I have?

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When you need to find a specific object based on its id you can use ko.utils.arrayFirst as follow :

var selectemItemID = '1';
var selectemItem = ko.utils.arrayFirst(this.items(), function(i) {
    return i.orgId == selectemItemID;

But you can also create an computed property that returns the selected item based on the selected item id.

self.selectedItem = ko.computed({
    read : function(){
        return ko.utils.arrayFirst(this.items(), function(i) {
            return this.selectedOrgId() == i.orgId;
   owner : self
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