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Is there a way to import a .csv into a volatile table in Teradata SQL assistant without using the user dialog? For example, I am now doing the following:

drop table test;
create volatile table test, no fallback, no log
Model VARCHAR(50) character set latin not casespecific not null,
HCC VARCHAR(50) character set latin not casespecific not null,
Score float not null
on commit preserve rows;

insert into test ('Adult','HHS_HCC001',4.74);

And I have about 1000 repeated insert rows. This is at the beginning of my sql file, so I just run the whole file (including a lot of sql statements after I create the table.

The repeated insert takes quite some time to run. Is there a command to import a csv file without having to be prompted for the file location using the dialog? Note that I understand there may be other tools to do this, but all my co-workers use Teradata SQL assistant and won't be able to handle having to open up another tool.

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The following should accomplish what you are seeking to do with SQL Assistant:

sqla.exe -c <DSN> [[\<user>]\<pwd>] -f <SQL file>
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