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I'm building an iPhone app and for it I need to get the bell times for high school (and colleges, if they have bell times).
Bell times being the time class ends. Examples: Northville and Novi high schools

So I was wondering how I should crawl for all this data. I see 3 real options

  • Crawl on the web for every institution and store bell times in a JSON that I can upload or package with the app. Backup, this seems VERY inefficient

  • Give the client a search-type interface that they can use to look-up and then import their bell times. So I'd have to design that functionality, kind of like a point us to your bell times, maybe even allow client to upload images? Make regex to find bell times in image/PDF/HTML and OCR to recognize text

  • Make it community based, so you'd upload your times and then when other people start choosing their institution X High School for instance, a fuzzy search returns the community term

I like option 2. So I'm looking for some advice on how to program it Python? Objective-C? and then how to source it - web crawler, community based, Text recog - and how you think I should do it in an app.

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I think the best way to maintain a large database of bell times like your describing is to keep it on a web server in a SQL database (such as MySQL). This means that you only need to maintain a single copy of your database, which makes updating it much easier... instead of having to issue app updates every time it changes, you would simply log on to your web server and insert new data. You can easily make an app that communicates with your web server via PHP scripts. PHP scripts can handle the database queries and transmit the information to your app. This gives you the best parts of all of your options above.

As for gathering the data, there are a couple of ways to do it. You can certainly combine these to get the most efficient way of gathering data:

  1. Manually enter data into your database
  2. Have community additions, much like SO or Wikipedia, for schools that aren't yet listed. Of course, this may lead to duplicates and false data, but it would be the easiest for you. You could have users enter data into your app and upload it to your web server, or you could even have a website component on your web server for dual functionality.
  3. Contact school administrators and have them enter their bell schedules. This would require some marketing and communication on your part, but would overall result in less work and accurate data.
  4. Write a web crawler with text/pattern recognition. I would avoid this unless you have considerable experience with artificial intelligence, database mining, and machine learning. If you don't have a related degree or have had no field experience, look into the first three options.

Here are some search terms to get your started: PHP, MySQL, web hosting, web server.

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Thank you, I've decided to do a combination of first manually adding a few times to an SQL database, and then allow community additions. – AndrewSB Jan 19 '14 at 4:20
Good luck with your project! – user2105505 Jan 19 '14 at 14:01

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