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So I have a set of check boxes that are created dynamically with the following code:

<?php foreach($candies as $candy): ?>

     <a style="cursor:pointer;" class="candy list-group-item" data-id="<?php echo $candy['candy_id']; ?>" data-toggle="popover" data-placement="top" data-html="true" data-trigger="hover" data-content="<img src='<?php echo $candy['candy_img']; ?>'>"><?php echo $candy['candy_name']; ?></a>

     <input type="checkbox" id="<?php echo $candy['candy_id']; ?>" name="<?php echo $candy['candy_name']; ?>" style="display:none;" />

<?php endforeach; ?>

This results in the following (shortened) code:

<ul class="list-group">
    <a style="cursor:pointer;" class="candy list-group-item" data-id="1" data-toggle="popover" data-placement="top" data-html="true" data-trigger="hover" data-content="&lt;img src='http://www.groovycandies.com/pc/catalog/8992_General.jpg'&gt;" data-original-title="" title="">Raspberry Gummi Bears</a>

    <input type="checkbox" id="1" name="Raspberry Gummi Bears" style="display:none;">

    <a style="cursor:pointer;" class="candy list-group-item" data-id="2" data-toggle="popover" data-placement="top" data-html="true" data-trigger="hover" data-content="&lt;img src='http://www.groovycandies.com/pc/catalog/candy-runts-5.jpg'&gt;" data-original-title="" title="">Runts</a>

    <input type="checkbox" id="2" name="Runts" style="display:none;">


And then I have javascript that when the <a> above is clicked the correct checkbox is either checked or unchecked.

<script type="text/javascript">


        var id = $(this).data('id');

        var checkbox = $("#"+id).prop("checked");

        if ( checkbox != true) {

            $("#"+id).prop("checked", true);

            $(this).attr("class","candy list-group-item active");
            $("#"+id).prop("checked", false);

            $(this).attr("class","candy list-group-item");



Now I'm to the point of submitting the form... but before I do so, I want to do one more thing. Which I can't figure out.

I want to make an array in php which I understand is: <?php $candies = array(); ?> and that will create a blank array. Now when a check box is checked I want to add the name of the check box to the array. Or when the check box is unchecked it is removed from the array. I want this to happen before the form is submitted. How can I achieve this?

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use same name for name attribute for every checkbox. <input type="checkbox" name="candy[]"/>. then u can access this checkbox values as $candy=$_POST['candy']. this variable is an array and will contain only the checkbox values which has been checked –  sonam Jan 19 at 2:08

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this can be done without a link, and javascript, you can do it with just a label like this:

Make the checkboxes an array, by noting the input name attribute. The additional [] sends an array to the server.

<p><label><input type="checkbox" name="candies[]" value="Raspberry Gummi Bears" /> Raspberry Gummi Bears</label></p>
<p><label><input type="checkbox" name="candies[]" value="Runts" /> Runts</label></p>

Then on the PHP Side:

$candies = $_POST["candies"];
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It doesn't make the preferred appearance, also it was not the question. –  Mitch Evans Jan 19 at 1:37
You can style the appearance via CSS Please see my update. –  Ryan Naddy Jan 19 at 1:42
Wonderful this worked out great! –  Mitch Evans Jan 19 at 1:43

PHP is a server-side language. This means once the page is shown to the user, you can not use PHP until the server gets the next request. In this case this would be the submission of the form.

To provide the functionality to do something with the data before the submission you have to create the array and the functionality in Javascript.

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Making a php array in javascript? Don't think so. –  Mitch Evans Jan 19 at 1:37
Of course you can't make a php array in javascript. But to work with the data before the submission you have to store it in a javascript array. Afterwards there are several methods to send the data from the javascript array to the server/php script, which then can form a php array. The php array can not be modified without a request to the server. –  Felix Jan 19 at 1:45

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