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My application has an Entity Framework model containing a many-to-many relationship like the following:

    Scalar: Id, Name
    Navigation: ProductGroupProduct
    Scalar: Id, Sku, Description, etc.
    Navigation: ProductGroupProduct
    Scalar: ProductGroupId, ProductId, Position
    Navigation: Product, ProductGroup

Note how the intermediate table has a scalar property called Position that specifies the order in which a product should be displayed within a product group.

How would you write a LINQ query that returns a list of products in a given product group sorted by the Position property? If I was writing good ol' SQL I'd write something like this:

SELECT p.Id, p.Sku, p.Description
FROM Product p
INNER JOIN ProductGroupProduct pgp ON p.Id = pgp.ProductId 
WHERE pgp.ProductGroupId = @MyProductGroupId 
ORDER BY pgp.Position

But I can't figure the LINQ out.

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Um, your SQL won't work, because there is no ProductGroup.Position

But I think you want:

var q = from pgp in Context.ProductGroupProducts
        where pgp.ProductGroup.Id == id
        orderby pgp.Position
        select pgp.Product;
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Sweet, that's what I needed. I kept trying to come at it from the Product side. It hadn't occurred to me that I could start in the middle. Thanks. Oh, and I'll fix the SQL. That's what I get for typing it in to the editor here without checking it first. –  David Anderson Jan 23 '10 at 13:35
You can do it from product, too, but it's much harder: from p in Context.Products let pgp = (from pgp in p.ProductGroups where pgp.ProductGroup.Id == id).FirstOrDefault() where pgp != null orderby pgp.Position select p; –  Craig Stuntz Jan 23 '10 at 15:18

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