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I have this value in my

values = {"Name":"Mark","Contact":"799865","Message":"Something Here", .... ,"ValueN":"TextN.."}

variables = RequestContext(request, {"values":values)

t = loader.get_template('do.html')

Now In my do.html I did this..

{% for key, value in values %} {{ key }} = {{ value }} {% endfor %}

But I got this in the display of my do.html:

v = p v = p v = p T = i v = p v = p v = p v = p v = p v = p v = p v = p v = p v = p v = p v = p v = p .... v = p v = p v = p

My question now is, how can I display using the forloop in the do.html so that it will look like this

Name = Mark
Contact = 799865
to the end of the loop

what Im I doing is, I am trying to convert my code in php to python django template

foreach($_POST as $key => $value) {
    if (strlen($value) > 0) {
             <input type="text" name="<?=$key?>" value="<?=$value?>"/><br>

does it possible in the django template that I will be not using an specific key to load it just like this {{ choices.items.key }} ?

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So your question is "How to iterate over a dictionary in a template?", right? I think this solution solves your problem!

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