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I am trying to run a query using Eloquent the $vars['language'] is in lower case but the language column is not necessarily in lower case. How can i do this search using eloquent but still have the lower case in the query

Item::where('language', $vars['language'])

What i want to do is this even though i can't find anywhere how to do this

Item::where('LOWER(language)', $vars['language'])

so that they are both in lowercase and then i can get them to match.

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Use DB:raw() to use LOWER() –  chris342423 Jan 19 at 9:14

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Try using operator 'like' in your where. For example


All available operators are:

protected $operators = array(
    '=', '<', '>', '<=', '>=', '<>', '!=',
    'like', 'not like', 'between', 'ilike',
    '&', '|', '^', '<<', '>>',
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hey what is ilike and what does it do? –  Lpc_dark Jan 21 at 6:50
ilike is postgres case insensitive like –  smartman Jan 21 at 17:27
thank you very much this all solves the problem!! –  Lpc_dark Jan 22 at 2:02

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