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I want to use Reactor something like that:

reactor.notify(new CreatedEvent<A>(a));
reactor.notify(new CreatedEvent<B>(b));

Where my event is simply:

public class CreatedEvent<E> extends Event<E> {
    public CreatedEvent(E data) {

And then consume those events like that:

reactor.on(new Consumer<CreatedEvent<A>>() {
    public void accept(CreatedEvent<A> t) {
        /* do something with a */

reactor.on(new Consumer<CreatedEvent<B>>() {
    public void accept(CreatedEvent<B> t) {
        /* do something with b */

But I receive both events with both consumers.

If I use selectors it works, i.e.:

reactor.notify("created.a", Event.wrap(a));

reactor.on(Selectors.$("created.a"), new Consumer<Event<A>>() {
    public void accept(Event<A> t) {
        /* do something with a */

But using selectors I would have to write and maintain very much String.

Is it all about using selectors? Or can I somehow "select by parameterized class type"?

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But I receive both events with both consumers.

Right. Because you send both events to the same reactor just to defaultKey. And subscribe both consumers to the defaultSelector. In this case it doesn't have value which types of Event you use: they all will be dispatched by default Selector strategy.

I think you need to use ClassSelector:


reactor.on(Selectors.T(A.class), new Consumer<Event<A>>() {});
reactor.on(Selectors.T(B.class), new Consumer<Event<B>>() {});

Of course, you have to type Selectors.T for each class-consumer, but it is more simpler then ObjectSelector and custom Event.


How to inject a custom consumer filter:

            .eventFilter(new GenericResolverFilter())

And it's up to you how to resolve a generic argument from consumerKey Object and each Consumer from List<T> items. Anyway you should think here about some caching to allow to Reactor continue to be reactive.

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Thank you. But that's only half the way... I need something like a "ParameterizedClassSelector", so I can write reactor.on(Selectors.T(Created<A>.class), ...) or reactor.on(Selectors.T(Deleted<B>.class), ...), which of course is no valid Java, but I hope you understand what I am looking for? (Is this what I'm looking for: github.com/reactor/reactor/issues/207 ? ) – Benjamin M Jan 19 '14 at 16:50
Actually, you always can write your own Selector implementation. From other side, as your enclosing classes are diferent, you can implement your own Filter with generic resolution and inject it to ConsumerFilteringEventRouter and continue to use ClassSelector for enclosing classes. – Artem Bilan Jan 19 '14 at 18:47
As far as I understand, you say that I have the following choices: 1. Use default Selector with r.on(Selectors.T(Created.class), new Consumer<Event<A>>() {}) with custom filter, or 2. Write a custom Selector and use r.on(CustomSelector(Created.class, A.class), new Consumer<Event<A>>() {}). Right? The 1. Approach looks far more elegant to me, but I don't know how to do it. Could you provide a link are append a small example code for how to inject a custom filter into ConsumerFilterEventRouter? – Benjamin M Jan 19 '14 at 20:04
I've updated my answer with sample about injection of custom Filter – Artem Bilan Jan 19 '14 at 20:17
Thank you. This new Filter will override the old Filter, right? For caching I'd have a look at the given filters that are provided. – Benjamin M Jan 19 '14 at 20:26

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