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I'm getting null when trying to find <body> element with querySelector() on document object after compiling to javascript. Here's the Dart code:

void main() {
  print(document.querySelector('body')); // => null

This also produces a range error:

document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0] // => Range error, obviously the List is empty

The dart code works just fine in Dartium though.

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I should also add there's definitely a <body> element in the DOM. –  snitko Jan 19 at 9:36
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2 Answers

Figured it out. I included the script in the <head> section, and should've done it after all the contents inside <body>.

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Weird, but you don't need querySelector() for the body element. Just use document.body

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Still no luck, document.body prints null –  snitko Jan 19 at 9:30
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