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In a windows MSVC6.0 compiler, if there is a workspace with one project in it, what files would be in the Header Files folder and what files would be in the External Dependencies folder?

I thought those files which are explicitly included (#include <*.h> are to be in the Header Files folder and thsoe which are in turn included by added header files, will be in External Dependencies folder? But doesnt seem to be case.

So what is the difference between the two?


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Header files listed as external dependencies are not analysed and available in the class view tab. Moving a file from external dependencies to header files includes it into the class view.

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After looking at the structure of header files and #include *.h in the workspace i found following:

1.) Those files which are not explicitly added to the Projects Header Files folder, but are nonetheless included using the #include directive, by different header and source files, are added to the project automatically by MSVC under the folder External Dependencies

But now i have a question, is it better to let MSVC add those header files as External Dependencies or is it better to add it explicitly in the Header Files folder, or is there no difference in the two?


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The folders in the tree view are purely for your convenience (at least in vs200x - I don' remember ever changing hem in vc6).
You can rename them to anything you want and put any files in any folder you want. I generally create folders based on the parts of the program (ie gui, server, fileIO ) and put the header and cpp files for classes in the same folder so I can quickly find the definition and declaration.

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