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I am using following code to connect with SQL 2008 R2:

cnxnStoneedge = pyodbc.connect("DRIVER={SQL Server};SERVER=;DATABASE=myDB;UID=admin;PWD=admin")

Which gives error:

Error: ('08001', '[08001] [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]SQL Server does not exist or access denied. (17) (SQLDriverConnect)')
      args = ('08001', '[08001] [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNE...t exist or access denied. (17) (SQLDriverConnect)')
      with_traceback = <built-in method with_traceback of Error object>

I am not sure whether SQL connecting via named Pipes or TCP, I did enable IP Address. Attaching Screen Shot enter image description here

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Does this help: stackoverflow.com/questions/7753830/… –  Torxed Jan 19 at 9:38
No it does not. I am just making connection, rather than executing an SP –  Volatil3 Jan 19 at 9:43
Yes but my initial problem was actually the connection, despite my error message. More often than not, it's the driver that's the root cause not the programming. –  Torxed Jan 19 at 9:49
I am getting error on the line I put above. Yes I know it's about driver but I am not being able to figure out how SQL Server is trying to connect –  Volatil3 Jan 19 at 9:58
Your screenshot shows that you are running SQL Server Express Edition, so try using this clause in your connection string: Server=(local)\SQLEXPRESS; (instead of SERVER=;) –  Gord Thompson Jan 19 at 12:29

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The following test code works for me to connect Python 2.7.5 with SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import pyodbc

connStr = (
    r'Driver={SQL Server};' +
    r'Server=(local)\SQLEXPRESS;' +
    r'Database=myDb;' +

db = pyodbc.connect(connStr)

cursor1 = db.execute('SELECT [word] FROM [vocabulary] WHERE [ID]=5')

while 1:
    row = cursor1.fetchone()
    if not row:
    print row.word

and the following connection string also works for me because my \SQLEXPRESS instance is listening on port 52865:

connStr = (
    r'Driver={SQL Server};' +
    r'Server=,52865;' +
    r'Database=myDb;' +
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