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I want to add the feature to my Java EE 6-Web-Application (JSF 2.0/EJB 3.1/Hibernate with MySQLDB) that registered users can write messages to each other (e.g. like writing a message on Facebook). I googled around but didn't find a good example. So my question is:

How would you design such a feature?

1) Writing Entity Object with the message to the DB?

2) Using JMS? But wouldn't that be transient?

3) Totally different?

Would be pleased with any kind of input (links, suggestions).

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i searched about that before...

if you want to make simple messaging between them, build your own one using database relations

but if you want complex one, so this would a lot of work

-- many people suggest JMS if you want a professional work but i also recommend Apache ActiveMQ

see the link to Apache ActiveMQ

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Facebook uses MQTT (https://www.facebook.com/notes/facebook-engineering/building-facebook-messenger/10150259350998920) ... But they cover mobile platforms also ... You can consider using that.

If you are just targeting at taking inputs from browsers and displaying the messages received on refreshing a page, you can go with database approach.

JMS will work for you, but you need a JMS provider for that.

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