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I have a windows node configured .

I am using hosted server from opscode.com. I have to run few cookbooks to chef client node. What is the procedure to this cookbook.

I am a newbie to this and not finding a proper link also. Please help me with this solution.


I just need a link which explains running a cookbook on windows node. not able to find proper links...

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What have you tried? What are your recipes? What errors are you getting. –  sethvargo Jan 19 at 19:32
please be more specific –  Rob3 Jan 20 at 14:08
is run_list of your node is empty? If it's empty, fill in by editing your node on chef server UI from opscode.com. please checkout this guide Debug Recipes and chef-client Runs –  shawnzhu Jan 20 at 20:22

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Well, maybe is this source all you need.

I hope this help you.

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