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I have a data base that is updated daily - Three Fields [ Day, ID, Points ]. The IDs is from 1 to 5 and the points is numbers.

I have no idea how to create a report that display each ID and the sum of all points that it has been given in the entire data base.

I had the idea of looping through the IDs, sum all the points using the "Dsum", create a temp table and append result to it, display a Report from it, then delete the temp table. but don't know how to get the IDs list as all my tables are a back-end tables. and i think there must be a more easy way than this.

Edited In case any one needed the answer.

I Found a way to create a Query to get the data i need (office2007)
1- in create tab select create query.
2- I added the table that has the ID list and the table with the data
3- linked the Id in 1st table with the Id in the 2nd one.
4- choose the Id field, and the point field.
5- in design tab clicked the "Totals" button to add the total property.
6- under the points field, in total row choose the "Sum" property.
And when running the query i get the total points of each id.

sorry if i wasted any one's time for finding an answer.

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