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When holding in Internet Explorer app, it show a menu context for extra actions(open in new tab, copy link, share link) like this pictures ![Internet Explorer][1]

  [1]: http://i.stack.imgur.com/2xNv9.png

But when i add a WebBrowser Component in my Windows Phone 8 project, holding a link but it not show anything. This is xaml code of WebBrowser Component

<phone:WebBrowser Name="webBrowser" IsScriptEnabled="True" Margin="0" Background="Transparent" />

Any one can tell my why and how to fix this?

I tried this but not work


<phone:WebBrowser Name="webBrowser" IsScriptEnabled="True" Margin="0" Background="Transparent">
                <toolkit:ContextMenu x:Name="menu1">
                    <toolkit:MenuItem Header="item1" Click="MenuItem_Click"/>


public void AttachContextMenu()
            if (webBrowser.IsScriptEnabled)
                webBrowser.InvokeScript("execScript", "function FindParentLink(item) \r\n{\r\n\tif (!item.parentNode)\r\n\t\treturn null;\r\n\tif (item.tagName.toLowerCase() == 'a') \r\n\t{\r\n\t\treturn item;\r\n\t} \r\n\telse \r\n\t{\r\n\t\treturn FindParentLink(item.parentNode);\r\n\t}\r\n}\r\n\r\nfunction FindParentImage(item) \r\n{\r\n\tif (!item.parentNode)\r\n\t\treturn null;\r\n\tif (item.tagName.toLowerCase() == 'img') \r\n\t{\r\n\t\treturn item;\r\n\t} \r\n\telse \r\n\t{\r\n\t\treturn FindParentImage(item.parentNode);\r\n\t}\r\n}\r\n\r\nfunction HandleContextMenu() \r\n{\r\n\tvar linkItem = FindParentLink(event.srcElement);\r\n    var imageItem = FindParentImage(event.srcElement);\r\n    var notifyOutput = '';\r\n    if (linkItem != null) if (linkItem.href != null) notifyOutput += linkItem.href;\r\n    if (imageItem != null) if (imageItem.src != null) notifyOutput += imageItem.src;\r\n    if (notifyOutput != '')\r\n        window.external.notify(notifyOutput);\r\n    else\r\n\t\twindow.external.notify('NOTLINKIMG');\r\n}");
                webBrowser.InvokeScript("execScript", "document.oncontextmenu = HandleContextMenu;");

private void MenuItem_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
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i add AttachContextMenu() (in that link) to webBrowser_LoadCompleted funtion but nothing change –  iexplore Jan 20 at 2:12
Did you handle that event in your code? You have to show that context menu yourself now. –  Toni Petrina Jan 20 at 8:34
@ToniPetrina i have edited questions as above –  iexplore Jan 20 at 9:11
You haven't handled notifications from the browser when it sends you the link. And you haven't added ContextMenu to your XAML. You have to completely recreate the context yourself. –  Toni Petrina Jan 20 at 9:19

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