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I'm trying to use a syntax highlighter. I tried coderay with and without redactor rails, I tried pygments with redcarpet, albino and nokogiri. Every time in place of highlighted text I'm getting this retarded red text. I don't know what I am doing wrong and why same thing happening each time for coderay and pygments. any solution would be appreciated. FYI if needed I'm using rails 4 in ubuntu 12.04.

my application_helper.rb

module ApplicationHelper

def markdown(text)
render_options = {
  # will remove from the output HTML tags inputted by user 
  filter_html:     true,
  # will insert <br /> tags in paragraphs where are newlines 
  # (ignored by default)
  hard_wrap:       true, 
  # hash for extra link options, for example 'nofollow'
  link_attributes: { rel: 'nofollow' }
  # more
  # will remove <img> tags from output
  # no_images: true
  # will remove <a> tags from output
  # no_links: true
  # will remove <style> tags from output
  # no_styles: true
  # generate links for only safe protocols
  # safe_links_only: true
  # and more ... (prettify, with_toc_data, xhtml)
renderer = Redcarpet::Render::HTML.new(render_options)

extensions = {
  #will parse links without need of enclosing them
  autolink:           true,
  # blocks delimited with 3 ` or ~ will be considered as code block. 
  # No need to indent.  You can provide language name too.
  # ```ruby
  # block of code
  # ```
  fenced_code_blocks: true,
  # will ignore standard require for empty lines surrounding HTML blocks
  lax_spacing:        true,
  # will not generate emphasis inside of words, for example no_emph_no
  no_intra_emphasis:  true,
  # will parse strikethrough from ~~, for example: ~~bad~~
  strikethrough:      true,
  # will parse superscript after ^, you can wrap superscript in () 
  superscript:        true
  # will require a space after # in defining headers
  # space_after_headers: true
syntax_highlighter(Redcarpet::Markdown.new(renderer, extensions).render(text)).html_safe

def syntax_highlighter(html)
  doc = Nokogiri::HTML(html)
  doc.search("//pre[@lang]").each do |pre|
    pre.replace Albino.colorize(pre.text.rstrip, pre[:lang])

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