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I have my project in github. I already created it like a library (Dart). Now I am trying to use my library in one of my project.

After i add all the necessary comments to get it from my git source, pub get is giving the following error,

Warning: Package <library_name> does not have a "lib" directory so you will not be able to import any libraries from it. Got dependencies!

Any clue???

Thanks, Tham

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Can you please provide more information. How looks your package structure like (directories), provide your pubspec.yaml of the library package and the project you want to import the library to. –  Günter Zöchbauer Jan 19 at 19:24

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When importing libraries, the files you import come from the lib folder.


import 'package:danny/danny.dart';

will import the file lib/danny.dart from the danny package.

If the package doesn't have a lib folder; this means you can't possibly import it. If you're importing directly from a Git repo; you need to ensure the lib folder is a top-level folder.

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