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I create 7zip files like this from command line in Linux:

#   7za   a   /backup/files.7z   /myfolder

After that I want to create another zip file that includes all files inside /myfolder that are newer then dd-mm-YY.
Is it possible to archieve files with respect to file's last change time ?

(I don't want to update "files.7z" file I need to create another zip file that includes only new files)

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You could try this command:

find myfolder -mtime -10 -exec 7za a /backup/newfile.7z {} \;

In order to find the number to use by the mtime option you could use some of these answers: How to find the difference in days between two dates? In your case it would be the difference between the current date and your custom dd-mm-YY (in my example dd-mm-YY is 10 days back from now)

From man find:

-n for less than n

-mtime n

File's data was last modified n*24 hours ago. See the comments for -atime to understand how rounding affects the interpretation of file modification times.

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