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I'd like to get some information on who called a particular method. Namely, if possible, getting the line number and file name of the method that made the call. Akin to FILE and LINE, except one level down in the stack. This is possible in high-level languages, but any way to do it in Objective-C?

- (void)myMethod {
    NSLog(@"I was called by file %@, line #%i", callingFile, callingLine);
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This is an exact dupe of stackoverflow.com/questions/1793999/… – bbum Jan 23 '10 at 9:39

No there isn't. You have to tell the user to pass __FILE__ and __LINE__ themselves.

#define myMethod myMethodWithFile:__FILE__ line:__LINE__
-(void)myMethodWithFile:(const char*)file line:(int)line {
  NSLog(@"I was called by file %s, line #%d", file, line);
[obj myMethod];
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