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I have a class "Fan" that have this function:

string getName();

and I wanna use it in another function outside the class:

string print(const Fan& fan) {
    std::stringstream ss;

    ss << "Fan : "  << fan.getName() ;

     return ss.str();

I get this error:

..\mtm_ex4.cpp:37:52: error: passing 'const mtm::Fan' as 'this' argument of 'std::string mtm::Fan::getName()' discards qualifiers [-fpermissive]

Why is that?!


And when I change it to:

string getName() const;

I get this error:

undefined reference to mtm::Fan::getName() const

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The function has to be const if you want to call it on a const Fan. –  chris Jan 19 at 21:44
getName() is not const. –  0x499602D2 Jan 19 at 21:44
As a side note, I strongly encourage you (if "name" is an attribute of your fan), implemente getName in this way: const string& getName() const { return _name; } –  oopscene Jan 20 at 1:11

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You're trying to call a non-const member function on a const object. Just change the function:

string getName() const;

I will say that that is not a very descriptive error message.

Edit: You need to add the const in both places, the declaration in the class and the definition in the source.

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see edit... it gives another error –  user3036061 Jan 19 at 21:58
You need to change the definition too. –  Baum mit Augen Jan 19 at 21:59
@user3036061, sorry I just assumed you'd know to change it in both places. –  Mark Ransom Jan 19 at 22:25
I wrote only the declaration until now so its not the problem –  user3036061 Jan 19 at 22:33
@user3036061 well that would explain it then, don't you think? –  Mark Ransom Jan 19 at 23:17

Your parameter fan is a const Fan&, so you can only use it in ways that do not modify it. You need to tell the compiler that calling getName will not modify the object - it doesn't know this automatically. To do that, you simply write const after the argument list of getName:

string getName() const { ... };
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now I get this error: undefined reference to `mtm::Fan::getName() const' –  user3036061 Jan 19 at 21:48
@user3036061 Make sure you change both the declaration and the definition to have const. –  Joseph Mansfield Jan 19 at 22:02
@JosephMansfield What happened to your old name? :( –  0x499602D2 Jan 19 at 22:02
@0x499602D2 Decided to confuse everyone! –  Joseph Mansfield Jan 19 at 22:04
I wrote only the declaration until now so its not the problem –  user3036061 Jan 19 at 22:34

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