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I want it so that if the user types webaddress.com/artist/P1/P2/ it will make it use /artist/index.php?artist=P1&am=P2

P1 would be an artist name, so it could contain both letters and numbers. P2 would be a number, so just numbers.

I want it so that P1 would be esssential, whereas P2 isn't because right now it just returns 404 not found on that address. Current code:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^artist/([^/]+)/(\d+)/$ /artist/index.php?artist=$1&am=$2 [L]
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have you checked what's actually returning the 404? It could either be because there isn't a /artist/index.php on your script... or maybe that script is actually running, but issuing its own 404 because the artist/am parameters are incorrect. –  Marc B Jan 19 at 22:13
The script exists, and it doesn't seem to be directing me anywhere as it loads right away. Could you tell me if there's anything wrong with the code I provided by any chance? –  user3213059 Jan 19 at 22:15
well, stuff a die('Yoohoo!') or something at the top of the index.php script. If you get that, then your rewrite is at least pointing at the right script, and you should check var_dump($_GET) to see if your parameters are coming through ok. If you DON'T get the yoohoo output, then something's wrong with the rewrite –  Marc B Jan 19 at 22:16
yes, but is it in a .htaccess file, or in httpd.conf? If it's in the conf, is it inside <VirtualHost>, or <Directory>? –  Marc B Jan 19 at 22:20
What does your error log say about the 404? –  Phil Jan 19 at 22:29

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/artist/index.php implies there is a root directory on the server call /artist/. I somehow doubt this (and it it does exist, it shouldnt).

Remove the leading / before artist, and see if that works.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^artist/([^/]+)/(\d+)/$ artist/index.php?artist=$1&am=$2 [L]
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